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Having years of experience working on plumbing and septic, we have the experience to work on any plumbing or septic system.

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Our team has worked on hundreds of households, day in, and day out. By choosing us, you're selecting the most friendly and dependable professionals in the area. We have a quick response time, with tons of quality work that we've left with our clients.



With tons of work experience with commercial systems, we're the best in town for grease traps, commercial heaters, and more! With the fastest arrival times in the business, we can fix your problem before more issues occur, saving you time and money!



If you don't have a system that you need or want, we'd love to help. We have experience installing showers, septic systems, alternative septic systems, grease traps, and much, much more. By calling us, you'll get your systems installed by the best in the field.



If you're having troubles with systems that are in your home or property, we can work on them. We've cleaned out pipes, replaced water heaters, and helped prevent all kinds of plumbing and septic issues. No matter how old the system, or who installed the system, we can help!

Only One Call

There's no reason to call a plumbing company, and get told that they can't work on your septic system. We do it all.

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Sink Repair
Field Line Repair
Toilet Installation
Baffle-T Installs
Hydro Jetting
Drain Cleaning

Clients' Testimonials

Just a few words from our clients

Elizabeth W.

Quick response. Work was done ahead of schedule. Very professional and dependable... We highly recommend them!

Lisa C.

Randy and Zach worked in tandem, and completed a septic fix with precision, knowledge, and, above and beyond efforts like no other.

Valerie C.

Customer service is excellent making the experience with H&G enjoyable. I would recommend H&G to everyone.

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