Alternative Septic

Traditional septic systems separate and store as much solid waste as possible from wastewater before allowing the liquid (effluent) to flow out into the drain field. Alternative septic systems, however, treat wastewater more actively. By pushing the wastewater through a multi-chambered tank, the wastewater is broken down by anaerobic bacteria and natural filtering processes and a clear, scentless effluent is pushed into the drain field.

For those facing unsuitable soil conditions for a traditional septic system, alternative designs may be the answer. Before installation, engineers rely on perc tests and soil analyses to determine the best possible system for each septic site. These tests are critical in guiding the design and installation process for any septic system.

Types of Alternative Septic Systems


Aerobic Treatment Diagram

Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS) use oxygen to break solids down as quickly as possible, and discharges much cleaner secondary effluent than traditional septic system.

The water from this small-scale treatment plant can be further sterilized and even used for surface irrigation. Using an aerobic alternative septic system also provides greater flexibility when placing the drain field, which can be up to 50% smaller than the leach field of traditional systems. This allows these systems to be fit into smaller spaces, which results in less of your yard being excavated than a traditional system.


Mound Septic Diagram

These septic systems are installed in areas where traditional septic systems are likely to fail due to soils with very high seasonal water tables or in soil that is always moist.

Mound Septic Systems direct wastewater to a higher elevation so the water is filtered and purified through more soil, sand, and/or biofilm before reaching the groundwater.

Other Systems

We also service and install other systems, such as:

  • Intermittent Sand Filter Systems
  • Recirculating Sand Filter System
  • Glendon BioFilter System
  • Evapotranspiration/Absorption Systems
  • Chlorine Disinfection Systems
  • Drip Emitter Systems

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