Eljen Septic Systems

Eljen System Diagram

What is a Geotextile Sand Filter?

Geotextile Sand Filter (GSF) On-Lot System, or Eljen Septic System is an alternative septic system. The GSF Systems are developed and marketed by Eljen Corporation.

Eljen Septic Systems use cutting edge technology. Some great features of these are:

  • Greater long-term performance
  • Much smaller installation area
  • No stone required
  • Lower site impact

These septic systems require specialized professionals to maintain and install these systems.

Trained Professionals

Here at Plumb-All, we hold all the necessary certifications for working on these systems.

We take pride in these certifications, as they show our customers that we truly are professionals, who know what we are doing.

We’re extremely proud that our work has been featured in Eljen’s installer training manual as the proper way to install these systems.

Eljen Training Certificate

Real World Work

The gallery is an example of an Eljen system that we installed from start to finish. Though these systems are complicated, the greater long term performance is definitely worth it!

Call us if you’re looking into getting an alternative septic system installed or repaired.

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