Water Shut off Valve

How to find water shut off valve?

Have you ever gotten home and noticed water pooling an inch on the ground? A tiny plumbing problem can escalate quickly into a full blown emergency. One of the best things you can do when this happens is to shut the building’s water off. To do this, you’ll need to know where the water shut off valve is. Shutting off the water valve is essential to prevent an awful situation becoming worse.

Naturally, the first step is to find water shut off valve in your home. On some properties, you will find water shut off valve inside the home while others may have it located outside. You might find this valve near the property line or underground in a covered box. If the water shut off valve is inside your home, then probable locations include the crawl space, basement, or near the foundation.

What does it look like?

To find a water shut off valve, you will need to know what it looks like. It normally looks like a pipe with a wheel handle or a lever. The majority of plumbing emergencies can be avoided if you turn off the main water supply. So how can you quickly locate the water shut off valve?

Water Shut off Valve
A water shut off valve

Find water shut off valve inside

Typically, the shut off valve will be located inside the perimeter of your house because that is where the water enters. Also, you will need to stay on the inside of the house but at the side that is facing the street. The water generally begins at the street and heads in your home through a straight line. This method to find water shut off valve is effective when the water supply is connected to a municipal supply. Once you find the valve, turn the knife-style or handle valve.

Check property inspection report

If you are unable to find water shut off valve after searching the entire property, then the next best alternative is to go through the property inspection report. This report is usually made during the final phases of buying a house. Go to the plumbing section of the report to see the exact location of the shut off valve. In addition, this report may also have a picture of the valve.

All in all

Water gushing nonstop through your house is dangerous, risky, and will quickly lead to a major damage to your house’s interior. If the water is coming from your home’s water supply, taking a quick action can prevent these damages and avoid bigger problems. Knowing to find water shut off valve will help you quickly turn it off and prevent your home from flooding until a proper solution can be found.

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Posted on September 06, 2022