Ceiling Leak

Leaking Water Through Ceiling

In the event of water seeping through your ceiling due to an upstairs bathroom leak, it is crucial to swiftly identify the origin of the issue and halt the water flow. Neglecting this can lead to significant water damage in your home. When confronted with water leaks originating from an upstairs bathroom and uncertain of their source, it is advisable to inspect three plumbing fixtures: the toilet, the tub/shower, and the sink.

Examine Each Fixture

  • Toilet – The seal between the toilet and the floor is known as a wax ring. A defective or worn-out wax ring can permit water to infiltrate the subfloor and ceiling whenever the toilet is flushed. Signs of a faulty wax ring include water around the base of the toilet and the presence of a sewer gas odor. If no visible water is around the toilet base, a leak around the wax ring might still be allowing water to penetrate the subfloor.
  • Shower – If the leak occurs while the shower is in use, the issue is likely related to a damaged tile in the shower or the shower faucet concealed within the wall. If the leak persists even when the shower is not in operation, it probably originates from a water supply pipe hidden inside the wall or subfloor.
  • Sink – A leaking sink is frequently the outcome of problems with gaskets or washers in the faucet or drain assembly. Gaskets are flat seals, typically made of rubber or plastic, positioned between surfaces like the base of the faucet assembly and the vanity top. A washer is a circular seal used beneath screws in a faucet assembly. If any gasket, washer, or O-ring is worn or damaged, they can permit water to leak as they no longer create a secure seal.

Furthermore, the drain assembly beneath your sink bowl may also incorporate gaskets and washers at the connection points between pipes. Ensure that these components are secure and tighten any loose connections to guarantee a proper seal.

If you are unable to pinpoint the water leak’s source or feel overwhelmed by the situation, we encourage you to contact Plumb-All. Our plumbing and water experts are well-trained and prepared to address any leaks and prevent water damage.

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Posted on November 01, 2023