Rusty Tap Water: Decoding the Issue

Encountering brown, rusty water flowing from your faucet prompts the need for investigation. Although rusty tap water is not an ideal sight, there’s no need to panic. Possible causes include a water main break, water heater malfunctions, or corroded metal pipes. To pinpoint the root cause, consider the affected faucets and the water temperature. For professional assistance, reach out to Plumb-All for a comprehensive inspection.

When Both Hot and Cold Tap Water Are Discolored

If you observe brown water from both hot and cold faucets, a potential water main break in a local water main or fire hydrant might be the culprit. Such breaks often introduce sediment into the water supply due to the interconnected nature of municipal water lines.

Should you notice brown sediment or residue in both hot and cold water, check for community “boil water warnings” to determine if this is a widespread issue. If not, promptly contact your local water authority to inquire about any recent maintenance on water mains. This can help identify the cause and estimate the time until your water supply returns to normal.

What Does it Mean When Only Hot Water Appears Discolored?

If rusty water is isolated to hot water faucets, with cold water appearing clear, your hot water heater may be the source. Sediment accumulation in the water heater can lead to rusty brown water. Address this issue promptly to prevent potential damage to your water heater. Sediment buildup increases the risk of corrosion in the water tank, making leaks, cracks, and bursts more likely.

To resolve the problem, consider flushing your water heater tank to eliminate sediment buildup. If signs of corrosion are already present, seek guidance from a professional plumber.

What Does it Mean When Rusty Tap Water Is Limited to Certain Faucets?

If rusty tap water is specific to certain faucets, it may indicate a corroded water supply pipe. Older plumbing systems in many homes can experience sediment buildup in the pipes. Running the water for approximately 20 minutes may sometimes clear out small amounts of rust. However, if the issue persists, replacing the damaged pipes may be necessary.

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Posted on November 14, 2023