Plumb-All puts quality first. We understand the frustration of having plumbing and septic components fail, and our philosophy is to fix it once and fix it right. No corner cutting, just quality craftsmanship that will stand up to the stress of years of wear and tear.

Alternative Septic Solutions

Regular septic systems do not work in all types of soil. Alternative septic systems are used to allow septic systems to be installed in high-clay soils, soil that does not pass a perc test, soil that is too shallow on bedrock, and other abnormal situations.

Septic Drain Field Repair

Septic drain fields, also known as "leech fields" or "drain fields", remove impurities and contaminants from the fluid in a septic tank. If your field is not functioning properly, your septic tank may fill quickly, leading to unnecessary septic pumping costs.

Plumbing Repair

Normal plumbing issues should be looked at quickly, and diligently fixed. If these minor issues aren't looked at, it's possible to have flooding issues, mold problems, wood rot problems, and more. Keep in mind that fixing issues that aren't quickly looked at can be thousands more than an immediate fix.

Plumbing Installation

Whether you want new bathroom fixtures, some additional hose connections outside, or that fancy new toilet, we've got you covered. We make sure that all plumbing installations are above code requirements, so that you won't have to get another plumber because of cutting corners.

Plumbing Service Agreement

Plumbing service agreements are great for companies. These keep you from worrying about issues at your business locations by keeping us on standby for any emergency issue at any time. These agreements can also lower your prices when something occurs. These work like having an attorney on retainer.

Leak Detection Services

Water that's dripping from the ceiling can be worrying. We have the tools and experience necessary to figure out where the water is leaking from, and fix the issue before drywall needs to be replaced. Getting these issues fixed quickly can make the difference between spending hundreds and thousands.

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