Septic Repair for Drain Fields

Septic drain fields, also known as leach fields, or leach drains, are essentially eco-friendly drains for your septic system. These underground piping systems connect to your septic tank, and allow water to seep out into your yard. These systems have some wonderful benefits including:

  • Providing nutrient-rich water to your yard,
  • Reducing the load on your septic tank, extending how long it will last,
  • Cutting down pollution from municipal waste handling facilities,
  • Helping your yard look greener than before,
  • Allowing longer spans of time before having to get your septic tank pumped

These are just a few benefits that these systems offer.

Our septic installation process for drain field services are second to none. It all starts with an initial data gathering phase, in which we figure out what type of soil your system would be in. After we’ve identified where your system would be, we begin engineering a solutions for your specific property. Although many companies will happily put in a standard system, we refuse to just put something in that may fail soon because of differences in your property. Our last step is to meet with you and begin the work.

Septic System Diagram

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Septic Installation

If you’re needing a new septic system installed, we’re your go-to professionals. We have experience installing new septic systems that exceed code requirements to ensure that your newly installed septic system will last a long time to avoid future headaches.

We are also certified in installing and repairing alternative septic systems. These systems are able to be installed in soils that normal septic systems can’t be in. These systems have kept our clients from having to move, or pay astronomical monthly prices for city based sewage disposal.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about the services we offer, or would like us to work on your septic system.

We are also trained and certified to plan, install, and service alternative wastewater management systems. Including:

  • Aerobic Treatment Systems
  • Mound Systems
  • Drip Emitter Systems
  • Evaporation & Absorption Systems
  • And More

Decided that we’re the right fit for you?